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A letter from the founder.

Hello, I'm Raffy.

I'm passionate about understanding users and building software that solves their most critical problems.

When we launched our previous B2B SaaS, I made it my mission to connect with as many customers as possible. I wanted to dive deep into their daily challenges, understand their workflows, and grasp their needs inside out. It wasn't until I had meaningful conversations with dozens of customers that I began to see the bigger picture.

But here's the kicker: despite all these insights, I found myself drowning in data. My attempts to organize it with complex spreadsheets only led to confusion. Too many cooks in the kitchen meant mis-categorization and crucial details slipping through the cracks. It was a mess, far from being the reliable resource I needed.

On top of it all, by the time I had access to the data I needed, it was stale and outdated.

That's when I had my aha moment. I realized there had to be a smarter way to handle customer feedback — one that didn't involve manual grunt work or information spread across email, spreadsheets, documents, chat, et al.

That's why I'm building RemarkHub.

Instead of wasting time on data entry and organization, our AI does the heavy lifting for you. Imagine having all your customer insights neatly organized and readily available, helping you make informed decisions in real time.

If this sounds interesting to you, please connect with us. We're working with a select group of customers who get early access and we'd like to work with you as well.

Thank you,

Raffy Banks
Founder, RemarkHub

Is RemarkHub right for your team or organization?

We're working with a select group of customers who will get early access. If you answer yes to the following, we'd love to connect with you:

  • Do you struggle to quickly spot trends and patterns in customer feedback? And by the time you receive the data, is it already outdated?
  • Do you collect customer feedback from channels such as Zoom/phone calls, surveys, social media, in-person conversations, review platforms, etc.?
  • Are you finding it challenging to organize and analyze the large volume of feedback you receive from customers?

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